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Swarovski Angelic Square Crystal Jewelry Collection, Pink Crystals, Blue Crystals

  • Basic and rich: This rhodium-plated accessory joins the accuracy and nature of shimmering Swarovski precious stones with an immortal jewelry plan, for a dash of marvelousness for each event
  • Moderate and extraordinary: The Angelic Square accessory elements a petite eye-getting pink precious stone pendant matched with a hint of shining clear gem pavĂ© on a sensitive chain
  • Intended to endure: Swarovski adornments will keep up with its brightness over the long run when basic consideration rehearses are noticed; eliminate before contact with water, salves, or aromas to expand your gems' life
  • Flexible and eye-getting: Whether a regular highlight or a novel, discussion beginning frill this Angelic Square pendant accessory is a basic piece that will supplement any look at any event
  • Things conveyed: 1 x Swarovski Angelic Square Pendant for ladies, 15-inch rhodium-plated metal chain, pink focus stone with shining white gems, complete with Swarovski accessory box
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