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JONATHAN Y Madrid Vintage Filigree Textured Weave Indoor/Outdoor Black/Khaki 4 ft. x 6 ft. Area Rug, Classic, EasyCleaning, HighTraffic, LivingRoom, Backyard, Non Shedding

  • 100 percent Polypropylene
  • [INDOOR/OUTDOOR DURABILITY]: Give your porch, deck, or patio a moment of a makeover with an indoor/open-air floor covering. Low-heap engineered carpet filaments are sturdy enough for high-traffic spaces like the kitchen, mudroom, or passage. Ideal for families with kids, our stylish open-air carpet plans are a simple consideration choice for living regions and children's rooms as well.
  • [STAIN-RESISTANT AND PET-FRIENDLY]: This carpet is produced using engineered filaments that oppose UV blurring. The pet-accommodating low-heap development will not aggregate soil and spills tidy up without any problem. It's been machine-woven so the carpet strands will wait. When appropriately focused on, this carpet won't shed a cushion into your home.
  • [Simple TO CARE FOR]: Vacuum and clear consistently to keep coarseness from separating the strands. Continuously switch off the mixer bars on your vacuum. Spot clean stains promptly with a gentle cleanser, flush completely, and smear dry. To wash an outside floor covering, shower the surface with a 5-1 combination of gentle dish cleanser and water. Then, at that point, flush completely with a nursery hose and loom over a railing to dry completely.
  • Level weave Construction of 100 percent polypropylene
  • Dark and khaki with a handwoven blended surface


With its filigree configuration roused by Spanish-created iron, Our boho-stylish mat adds diverse style to an outside yard or porch. Fluctuated tones of beige and brown blended with a dark example give this floor covering hand-woven, classic energy. The flatweave configuration is extraordinary for high-traffic spaces inside as well.


Product Dimensions

72 x 47 x 0.19 inches

Item Weight

6.78 pounds



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