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ACTIVNA Smart Weighted Hula Hoop - Waist Hula for Adults Weight Loss - Lose Weight, Shape Body, Trim Waist, Lift Butt - 3.5 lb Adult Workout Exercise Hoop - Spinning Hoops for Fitness, Slimming


  • 2-IN-1 FITNESS and MASSAGE: Our super hula circle fits throughout the center properly with desirable sufficient room to swing the weighted ball joined to a rope. Change the power through manner of approach of protracting or shortening the rope for dynamic exercise or once more rub treatment
  • Weight cut-price and FAT BURN: Improve your outline and delightfully find out your body's shapely arch with the thinning, fat-eating hobby of this 3. 5 lb weighted hula circle. Incredible for energetic exercise, cardio, and leg and objects exercises
  • Knead BACK and MIDSECTION: 360-degree shock-engrossing endlessness ring helps you to loop in all-out solace. Finished inward fragments knead energetically as they roll all through the body, alleviating torment withinside the lower once more, abs, and obliques
  • DROP PROOF and ADJUSTABLE: A superior weight reduction hula band produced the use of high-quality ABS material that is moderate and agreeable. Change as indicated through manner of approach of the center period through manner of approach of successfully together with or eliminating portions. A comfy suite guarantees the circle won't ever fall
  • Three-D LIGHTING and COUNTER: Have amusing even as working towards with cute three-D degree lighting! An inherently advanced counter allows you precisely to document the number of pivots. An adaptive press button takes below attention clean placing on and taking off


  • With regards to paintings out, staring at something you respect is important to creating real paintings a standard piece of your everyday practice. Have a high-quality time, benefit certainty, and count on every workout with the fats-ingesting hobby of a Smart Hula Hoop! Partake withinside the benefits of dynamic workout or supportive returned rub remedy depending upon how you operate it. 
  • Simple TO USE DESIGN NEVER FALLS OFF Separable with the trustworthy press of an adjustable button. The innovative plan incorporates 24 separable sections including as much as 110cm (forty-three inches) in width. Change the scale to house your waistline, then, at that point, remove quantities personally as you develop on your well-being venture. Cozy healthy ensures the band may not ever dip below your stomach so that you can 0 in on construct accomplishments as opposed to your hula know-how level! 
  • Wellness AND PHYSIQUE Exceptionally possible for high-effect paintings out, stomach thinning, weight reduction, fats ingesting, and bend molding. half-hour each day with our lifting weights circle is the same as swimming for a half-hour, biking for forty minutes, strolling for 60 minutes, or doing yoga for three hours. 
  • Helpful BODY MASSAGE Every dynamic joint is equipped with a shock-maintaining appealing returned rub touch at the inward breadth, which kneads midriff muscular tissues and acupoints whilst whirling. This assuaging hobby accomplishes the double effect of ingesting fats and loosening up the decreased center muscular tissues, lumbar spine, and abs. 
  • 3-d STAGE LIGHTING Turn up the one you love blocks and jam out whilst occupying the gap with bright 3-d degree lighting, discharged from the end of the 8 ball! Great for the duration of the day, and, surprisingly, higher round nighttime time!
  • Incorporates: 24 x ABS Hoop Segments including as much as 110cm in breadth (Fits forty three-inch center) 1 x Rope with Axles and Bearings 1 x Rope Adjustment Ring 1 x Weighted Ball with 3-d Stage Lighting


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